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How it Works

What is Click and Learn Software?

Click and Learn Software is an innovative and simple concept in educational software designed to make learning fun. Students race the clock to learn names and locations of countries of the world, 50 states of the United States, counties of your state and much more. The program is an effective learning tool for students of all ages!

What does it do?

Click and Learn Software helps the student memorize large quantities of information -- such as the 50 states -- while playing our games. The software divides the information into small groups of questions and, through repetition, students Click and Learn the entire topic, seven elements at a time. The learning is intense and fast-paced with the timer constantly pushing the student. After six 30-minute sessions, a student can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order and easily locate them on a map! The software couples visual aids with kinesthetic motor activity to make learning active and exciting.

Why is it unique?

Click and Learn is incredibly flexible. In addition to the games and drills that we provide, the easy-to-use "Create Your Own Games" feature allows you to develop your own games. You create games to teach the things that are important to you -- features of your own city or state. You can even create games for an entirely new topic such as bones of the body or parts of an automobile engine.

Okay -- What Else?

Easy to use: Students begin to click and learn after two minutes of instruction. Effective: Students double of even triple their geography knowledge after only a few hours of use. Inexpensive: Actually our games are free. We give you access to over 500 geography games at no cost.

Where is the Proof?

A doctoral dissertation by Dr. Denise Salsbury in the educational department at Kansas State University shows that students' average knowledge of the 50 States jumped over 500% from an average of 18% to 94% after just 3 hours with the Click and Learn games. The students in the study were 4th grade students and the results showed that 76% of the students scored 90% or higher after using the Click and Learn games for just six 30-minute sessions.

Click here to read the entire dissertation.