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About Us

The Story of Click and Learn Software

The concept of the Click and Learn Software system began with a conversation between Danny Pryor (a tutor at a small school in Oklahoma) and Bob Reynolds (the administrative assistant at that same small school). They had just created a software system to help students improve students' grammar skills and we were looking for the next project.

Success at one small school in Oklahoma

One day Danny came into the principal's office and was disappointed with the poor geography skills of the students. He asked if we could develop software to help students learn the names and locations of the 50 states.

It took two years to develop the first version of the software and we were fortunate to have great input from the teachers and students at that school.

But most importantly, student test scores improved dramatically after just a few hours playing the newly created games.

Testimonials came in from all over the United States from students, teachers, parents and grandparents.

We knew that we had something special.

The Doctoral Dissertation

While Bob was giving a demonstration to pre-service teachers at Kansas State University, the university's technology director, Denise Salsbury, was skeptical that the software could work as well as we described.

Denise asked if she could have access to the software to determine "If it really worked" and if so, “Why does it work so well?"

Her one-year study of the software resulted in her doctoral dissertation showing that student geography scores improved dramatically for students who used the software.

The entire doctoral dissertation is here.

Technology Continued to Evolve

We made use of the evolving technology to make constant improvements to the function and versatility of the games.

Bob kept giving demos all over the United States.

Then Came the Pandemic

Although the pandemic was devastating for many reasons, we switched to YouTube videos to demonstrate the system and Zoom for our company meetings. Expenses were reduced dramatically.

Leaving a Legacy – Free Games to All

Because of the years of building a beautiful learning system, and because of the gracious testimonials that continued to praise our system, we decided that we would continue to offer the software...

FREE to every Teacher and Student in the United States.

All of this would not be possible without the help and contributions of people like Shawn Wakefield, Benjamin Flint, April Wakefield, Tracy Bull, David Weeks, Mike Chevere, Ron Bull, Nathan Wakefield, Del Kahre, Devin Kahre, Kaley Kahre, Jason Vire, Marc Moyer, and of course, the excellent teachers who provided us with the early guidance to help us create the features that make the system such a powerful learning tool.

We Still Look Forward to Your Feedback

If you are a parent, teacher or student, we would love to hear of your experience and success with the software.

Email us at to give your thoughts and suggestions.

And, as always, thanks for your desire to learn about the world.